Just a Few More Days

It’s Independence Day, and the shuttle launch is just four days away.  I’m really getting excited!  I leave first thing Wednesday morning, and I will be in constant motion once my feet hit the ground in Florida.

We received our agendas from NASA today.  Wow!  It’s going to be a very busy, very interesting two days at Kennedy Space Center.  Everything from NASA directors and scientists to astronauts and Elmo from Sesame Street.  Plus, a tour that includes watching the retraction of the RSS (Rotating Service Structure) from around the space shuttle Atlantis.

I’ve spent this last weekend at home selling a bunch of things on eBay.  I used to sell a certain brand of collectible baskets, and I decided to let most of them go to new homes in exchange for spending money to use on my trip to the NASA Tweetup.  I should have a decent amount of money to take with me, so I won’t need to raid the family’s account while I’m gone.  This trip came at a bad time for us, with my husband’s upcoming retirement and the imminent need to sell our home for less than what we paid for it.  Being able to fund the trip without hurting the family’s finances was very important to me, and it looks like I will meet that goal.

One of the side effects of having a large family is the fact that I have a ton of souvenirs to buy.  I’m not complaining at all, of course, but when you factor in nine children, one future daughter-in-law, a husband, several friends, and myself, that’s a LOT of things to buy!  Most of the items are going to be Christmas presents this year.  I hope to buy more of the fleece lap blankets that I found during STS-131 Discovery’s launch, and if I’m successful, I plan to get them monogrammed for each person.  If those aren’t available, I’m sure I’ll find something else that will make a nice gift.

No matter what, I plan to have fun this week, and I know I’ll enjoy my time at NASA.  I still hope to work for them someday.


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